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Name:  Paul Weinwurm

Age:  24

Birthdate:  October 15, 1980

Hometown:  Parkersburg, WV

Current Home:  Troutville, VA

Schools:  Graduated from Parkersburg High School, and Virginia Tech

Work:  Wiring designer for Appalachian Power (division of AEP)

Activities:  Currently playing trombone in the Roanoke Valley Community Band and the Stardusters swing band

Music:  Punk/Ska, varies from day to day

Movies:  The Godfather movies, plus countless others

TV Shows:  I dunno, whatever's on, though lately I've been favoring 24 and anime

Games:  Everquest, and pool even though Im not exceptionally great at it

Sports:  Football

Sports Teams:  Chicago Bears, VT Hokies, PHS Big Reds

Accomplishments:  Lots of band crap in high school, got a degree in electrical engineering from Virginia Tech, and after a year of nothing and 3 months of being a glorified intern I'm finally doing what I went to college for.