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More Shockwave Goodness (Pauly - 1/10/01 @ 12:07 AM EST)
I have not laughed so hard in many months!   Someone took a prank call from the Opie and Anthony Show and made a shockwave movie out of it.  Button!

Plug it in, plug it in (Pauly - 1/9/02 @ 6:34 PM EST)
Brad has put up a new layout on his page, so go check it out.  He has pictures of pretty girls, for which we thank him.  As for this page, this is the only layout you're going to see for a while, probably ever.  I'm just not that creative, and I'm perfectly happy with what I got here.  Also, I'm sure you've noticed I haven't archived any news for a few weeks now.  I just decided to lump all the winter break news into one, since I haven't been posting all that often this break.  I am the consummate Captain Lazyasspunk!

More holiday fun (Pauly - 1/8/02 @ 3:51 PM EST)
Thank God this is the last week of break.  I'm so sick of this house I'm about ready to pull out a shotgun and hunt down each and every one of the Banana Splits (I got that off a SNL skit, I don't know what it means).  First off, my parents have been having a 3-day bitchfest at each other lately, which is getting old.  My internet connection is getting so gay it's about to pack up and move into an apartment in San Francisco with a rough trick named Chuck.  I'm just sick of this place.  Non-hoohah.

On a sadder note, it seems that Wendy's founder Dave Thomas has died.  Too bad.  That man made some tasty burgers, even if they were out of grade D meat and gave me food poisoning once. :)

Story Time (Pauly - 1/5/02 @ 10:41 PM EST)
These three guys are exploring the jungle in South America somewhere, when they get kidnapped by natives who tie them up and hold them captive in their village.  The chief goes up to the first guy and says "You may choose your fate...death, or KABUKI!!!"  The first guy says "Well, I don't know what this kabuki thing is, but it's gotta be better than death.  I'll take kabuki."  The chief shouts "KABUKI!!!"  Ten natives come up to the first guy and fuck him in the ass.

The chief goes up to the second guy and says "Which do you choose, death or KABUKI!?!"  The second guy says "Well, I don't wanna get fucked in the ass obviously, but I have a wife and kids back home, and I love them very much, so I guess I have no choice.  I'll take kabuki."  The chief shouts "KABUKI!!!"  Ten natives come up to the second guy and fuck him in the ass.

The chief goes up to the third guy and asks "Death or KABUKI!?!"  The third guy says "You know what, I just got fired, I have no family, I don't even have a damn car.  I still have some dignity and I'm not getting fucked in the ass.  I choose death."

The chief says "Very KABUKI!!!!!"

Self help (Pauly - 1/4/02 @ 6:20 PM EST)
I've determined that from now on when I start to feel like shit, I'm just going to swallow it, ignore it, and act normal.  Going to pieces all the time isn't helping me any.  I've done a pretty good job of keeping up appearances as of late.  I don't see any reason why I can't just continue that.

Boo football (Pauly - 1/1/02 @ 4:40 PM EST)
Well I just watched us lose yet again to Florida State, 30-17.  We were looking good at the start, but it didn't last.  But eh well, we'll come back next year. :)

In other news, Happy New Year.  Hopefully this one will be a bit better than the last.

I'm back...again (Pauly - 12/30/01 @ 6:29 PM EST)
For those of you who were unaware, I just spent the last few days up in Parkersburg.  Originally, I wanted to spend New Years up there (and they almost convinced me to do that), but I have some stuff to take care of down here in VA, so here I am.  Anyway, the trip wasn't exceptionally eventful.  Basically it just consisted of me driving around on snowy roads, hanging out at people's houses, the mall, going out to eat, etc.  We went and saw Lord of the Rings on Friday night (good movie btw).  I got to see Simmons and Gerbil's new apartment downtown, which is very nice.  Got to ride around in Copeland's new truck.  Saw a few people I hadn't seen in forever.  Other than that, the trip was pretty much uneventful, which is cool.  Simmons, Copeland, Jeff, and maybe Jamie are coming down next weekend, so if any Tech people are going to be around lemme know.

In other news, I got a 3.34 this semester apparently.  Wee.

I'm back (Pauly - 12/23/01 @ 4:48 PM EST)
Finals are done, I'm back home, and I figured it's time to end the hiatus with the posting.  Things got kind of rough for a few days, I got kind of upset, got kind of prone to saying things I didn't mean, so I figured, might as well just cut off all communication from me until the semester is officially over.

Anyway, about my finals.  First I had electronics on Friday, which kicked my ass thoroughly.  I'm hoping I get at least a C on that, and maybe pull out of the class with a B- or so over all, but I'm not going to wish too hard.  I had engineering econ the same day, which was fairly easy as expected, so I should come out of that class with an A of some sort.  Had the weekend off, then went in Monday morning to my fields exam.  I dunno what happened, but I got extremely lucky with that class in general.  I had determined that I needed a 30 or something to get a B- overall in the class.  I went in and the exam was easy as all hell....well not easy, but not as bad as I was dreading.  I managed an 84 on the exam and walked out of the class with an A-, which made me very happy.  Then I had my signals exam that afternoon, which went fairly well also.  Hopefully I'll get a B in there.  Finally I had my stats exam on Wednesday morning, which turned out to be sort of ugly, but I think I did ok on it.  Might have to settle for a B in that class, but either way I'm happy.

So yeah, the semester from hell ended on a fairly decent note.  And please don't beat me for bragging or anything, because I'm trying not to.  Despite my grades, this semester was complete and total pain for me, and I'm just glad that it's over.