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As those of you who come to my site often have noticed, I've put in a few changes on this page temporarily.  Basically I'm taking an online Intro to the Internet class, and one of the things I have to do for that is make a webpage, which has to have a frames layout and an animated GIF and whatnot.  So I'm just doing a little bit of rearranging for the time being.

Anyway, over there on the left I have some button links to a page that briefly describes me, a page that has some links to pages I regularly visit, and an e-mail-me link.  I've taken some of the other pages, like my picture gallery and message board, down for now, since I was limited to only 3 content pages only.  They'll (hopefully) be back up soon.


Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm).

This site is Anfy Enhanced

Brad let me borrow that Java applet above for the purposes of this page.  It doesn't do a whole lot except make pretty pictures, but hey, anything to add to the bells and whistles.

Couple more details:  This page was developed using Microsoft FrontPage version, on April 12, 2002.  All the contents of this page except for the above Java applet and the animated GIF's used are my original creations.

Honor Pledge:
I have neither given nor received unauthorized assistance on this assignment.

Paul Weinwurm
SSN:  040-72-4141