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Big update, I’m hoping (Pauly6/18/03 @ 4:33 PM ET)
I’m hoping this works.  Ever since I got my computer back this past weekend, I haven’t been able to install FrontPage due to the fact that apparently I need my Windows XP Professional Service Pack CD.  This in spite of the fact that (A) I don’t have Windows XP Professional, and (B) I have the most up-to-date service pack already.  So I’m doing this update in Word, which surprisingly is seeming to work no worse than FrontPage anyway.  I’d do the straight HTML editing, but I just can’t read that crap, lol.

Anyway, as I said, I finally got my computer back after getting the hard drive replaced.  It’s funny, I took it in because the hard drive was occasionally stalling and making knocking sounds, but was still working.  After they had it for a day, they told me the hard drive was completely dead, that they couldn’t get it to load up at all (umm, sure), so they had to order a new hard drive and install it, thus meaning that everything that was on my hard drive before is gone.  So I spent last week on my old POS computer, which actually worked fine surprisingly.  But considering my new computer is still under warranty, and all that service was free, I’m not going to be complaining hehe.

In addition to getting my computer back, I also got this little toy:


What with all the shenanigans and goings-on (Pauly - 6/5/03 @ 7:19 PM ET)
Just to recap the events as of late, my class is going fairly well.  Tomorrow is midterm, so hopefully I'm ready for that.  I may be driving a new car as soon as this weekend.  I'll miss my current car and was apprehensive to replace it, but the head gasket is leaking a little in it, and that would cost $500 to fix (which is almost as much as I'd get for the whole car on a trade in).  And since problems like that are probably just going to keep piling up, I've basically just decided to accept the graduation present and be happy with it.  I'll probably get a new Cavalier, so I'll keep you all posted on that.

About the only other thing I know to mention is that I got Less Than Jake's new album.  Honestly I have to say that I wasn't exceedingly impressed by it.  There were a few good songs on it, but aside from that it wasn't anything amazingly spectacular.  But then again, I've said that about albums before and they've ended up making it into my CD player multiple times a week, so who knows?